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                                Appendix B
Scales and items of the survey on pre-service teacher inquiry
1.Perceived value of pre-service teacher inquiry (n = 7) Conducting research is nice.
Conducting research is interesting.
Conducting research is useful.
Conducting research is enriching. Conducting research is deepening. Conducting research is instructive. Conducting research is boring.*
2.Expectation of using inquiry competence in one’s future profession (n = 11) Conducting research is part of the job description of a teacher.
Research fits naturally into the work of a teacher.
I think research is a good way for me to increase my level of professionalism.
I would really like to conduct research in my future job.
I prefer to apply to a school where I get the space to do research.
I will conduct research in my future job to improve practice.
I will look for colleagues to conduct research together.
I do not think I will conduct research in my future job as a teacher.* Conducting research is too time consuming.*
Pre-service teacher inquiry is a useless compulsory TE component.* I do not think I will conduct research to resolve a problem in future.*
3.Perceived ability of inquiry competence (n = 6)
I have learned how to design research.
I feel capable of conducting research.
I have acquired knowledge of the topic I researched.
I am able to use knowledge from my research in my work as a teacher.
I have learned enough to independently conduct research in practice. Research helps me to acquire systematic insight into practical problems.
4.Perceived ease of undertaking pre-service teacher inquiry (n = 4) I think that conducting research is easy.
I think that conducting research is difficult.*
I think that conducting research is time consuming.*
Conducting research is too difficult to do without supervision.* *Items that were reverse-scored
.433 .623 .500 .618 .499 .517 .461
.731 .691 .469 .735 .715 .740 .823 .578 .624 .477 .721
.774 .890 .786 .578 .764 .414
       Factor loading
  .703 .826 .490 .605

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