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                                Appendix A
 Appendix A Continued
White et al., PST Ba S
2016, APJTE
Willegems PST / T P/S et al., 2017,
Willemse & TE Boei, 2013,
Yuan & T P Burns, 2017,
Zeichner, T P/S 2003, EAR
Zwart et al., T P/S 2015, PS
Malaysia Australia
Belgium NL
China USA
Inter- national
Education research methods in transnational program. Learning outcomes: progression in learning and research knowledge
Teachers and pre-service teachers as partners in collaborative teacher research: A systematic literature review
Teacher educators’ research practices: an explorative study of teacher educators’ perceptions on research
Action research and development of teacher identity
Review of studies of school- based teacher research and conditions under which it becomes transformative professional development
Review into the nature and meaning of teacher research
Case study: self- reports and test (n=40)
Review study
Survey (n=508) and interviews (n=10)
Case study (n=2) Review study
Review study
 PST= pre-service teachers, T= teachers, TEs= teacher educators, NQT= Newly qualified teachers, P=Primary school, S= Secondary school, EC= early childhood, Lead = teacher leaders, Curr = curriculum study

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