Page 327 - Crossing Cultural Boundaries - Cees den Teuling
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Is the level of business knowledge in the Russian and foreign companies always unequal (not in favour of Russian companies), and the position in the learning process not balanced (foreigners patronize)? Please, give examples.
What did you like the most and the least in collaboration with foreign consultants / trainers? Did anything happen, that, for sure, could happen in a purely Russian management team? Please, describe the differences in the work of a team in which there are foreigners, and a team composed exclusively of Russians.
What do you think, what qualities and skills should have the average Russian manager in order to improve the efficiency of cooperation with foreigners? What they lack, what should they work on first?
What qualities and skills should have a foreign partner to achieve big successes in Russia? What should they change in themselves?
What do you personally have learned / gained from working with a foreign consultant / trainer? What do you think, what experience gained the foreign consultants / trainers from the cooperation with you and your colleagues (as representatives of another business culture)?
What do you think could you not only learn, but also "teach" foreign consultants to the rules of doing business in Russia? Is it a universal experience working all over the world, or the Russian Know-How? Please, give examples.
The long-term effect of the cooperation (15 min)
Do you think that your company was able to achieve long-term positive effect from the cooperation with foreign consultants? What good and bad did the cooperation give to your organisation? What exactly is the positive / negative effect? Has the established "order of things" been changed? Please, give examples.
Were you able to increase sales / profitability of the company as a result of cooperation with the consultants? To Learn to introduce innovative products / services, launch new business processes? To master the new technologies? Get detailed information about the situation on the market, competitors, prices, market trends around the world? Please, give examples.
Could the company acquire new customers or at least determine the circle of potential customers thanks to the cooperation with the consultants? Make useful contacts in the business community, government, the influential sectorial organisations?

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