Page 274 - Crossing Cultural Boundaries - Cees den Teuling
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7 We don’t share innovations with the outside world and them with
confidentiality for ourselves.
D 4: The level of trust among employees in their own department is
1. Very high
2. High
3. Normal
4. Somewhat low
5. Very low
D 5: The level of trust of employees with other departments in the organisation is
1. Very high
2. High
3. Normal
4. Somewhat low
5. Very low
D 6: Using a 5-point scale (where 1 means very low and 5 means very high), please grade the readiness for sharing knowledge between
1. employees
2. employees and management
3. outside partners
D 7: Please grade the existence of the issues mentioned below (5-point scale)
1. work conflict:
2. separation:
3. corruption:
4. nepotism (“clientism”)
5. conflict of interests.
6. Lack of communication and/or teamwork
D 8: Average level of education in the organisation;
1. Low level 2. Medium level. 3 Higher level.
Section E: Knowledge-related themes
Please answer the question of Section E by using a 5-point scale (where 1 means “totally disagree” and 5 means “totally agree”)
E1. During the group lectures my interactions with the docents and fellow participants have increased my understanding on how to integrate various modules with other modules

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