Page 273 - Crossing Cultural Boundaries - Cees den Teuling
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C7. The organisation’s environment is 1. stabile
2. heterogeneous 3. highly complex 4. disruptive
5. chaotic
6. Other (please specify)
Section D: Questions concerning the influence of OC on the knowledge transfer process
D 1: Please describe the style of management / leadership in your organisation.
1. Authoritarian / top-down
2. Directive / giving orders
3. Consultative / asking for opinions
4. Participative / shared decision preparation
5. Delegation / judged by the results only.
D 2: Please describe the style and type of the (internal) communication.
1. Black box / no exchange of information
1b: top down 1c: bottom up
2. Selective / with a selected number of employees only
2b: top down. 2c: bottom up
3. Representative / only through heads of department / managers
3b: top down 3c: bottom up
4. Limitation / censured information for all employees
4b: top down 4c: bottom up
5. Transparency / all information in full available for employees
5b: top down 5c: bottom up
D 3: Acceptance and readiness of implementation for new ideas and innovations?
1. Totally open for new ideas and innovation from outside sources (or We constantly implement new ideas and innovations, developed internally)
3. Partly open to other employees and other departments
4 We share innovations with suppliers and distributors
5. We share innovations with the business sector and through media. 6. We prefer the way we use to do the business

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