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Moving between places
   Figure 2.3 Work setup in a coworking space
whereas, in a co-working space, we took the picture (actually by standing on a chair behind the person) of a more elaborate setup (Figure 2.3). The elaborate setups with additional gear – external keyboard, mouse, laptop standard, iPad as a second screen, and headphones – were more often present in places that enabled the workers to stay for at least a couple of hours, such as co-working spaces or in the worker's housing. Simpler setups more common during days of higher mobility (travel days or changing between places or locations).
The physical features of places that the nomadic workers perceived as enabling to create their temporary work environment concerned necessary facilities, such as tables, chairs, power outlets, and, Wi-Fi. While there was more leeway regarding the other physical features, Wi-Fi was crucial because it enabled access to files (saved in the cloud), communication with clients or collaborators (Skype or Google Hangout), and travel planning (finding a workplace, booking a flight or housing). If a place did not have these facilities, this could steer our respondents away as

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