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Moving between places
 Table 2.5 Challenges in nomadic work
Working across places
Illustrative data
“I already move way too much that I have grown to dislike it though, really. Just the actual process of packing all my stuff up and going to the next spot.” (Sander, HR broker, #7)
“I try to go to cafés, to restaurants, sometimes co-working spaces, and I feel that I cannot really work in the same café for a week, I kind of need to change the scene, change the environment.” (Tim, digital marketeer, #10)
“The work was a challenge for her [intern]. The space [place], I realize was really important. She wasn't able to concentrate just anywhere.” (Vanessa, event planner, #10)
“Just the effort to find a proper location, to get focused with whatever obstacles.” (Nona, mobile developer, #40)
“But then sometimes, you can just meet ten new people, and then you realize – or you go to your Airbnb and then you realize - I’m still alone.” (Lisa, design thinking facilitator, #5)
“If you are traveling long-term and you are working at the same time, it can become very lonely, and you can lack in community.” (Nero, workation consultant, #12)
“I think a lot of us [freelancers] crave connection. We want to connect with other people and these projects where we can work together and there are opportunities to do that.” (Jacky, web designer, #4)
    Conducting focused work
  Embedding socially

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