Page 114 - Ultrasonography in Prehospital and Emergency Medicine - Rein Ketelaars
P. 114

Chapter 4
This exploratory study provides essential insight in Dutch EPs implementing US on their ED which could be further studied in a national survey with all EPs. Furthermore, the study shows that there is a need to develop a quality assurance system and barriers to overcome were identified. Every EP recognized the importance of EP-performed emergency US and regarded it an indispensable tool in daily practice and of value for the recognition of their specialty. The EPs all valued the PREP protocol to be a solid foundation when starting to learn and implement emergency US. All stressed the importance of practice.
We would like to thank Geert-Jan van Geffen for reading and commenting on the manu- script and for providing valuable advice and improvements.
We would like to thank OSG Opleidingen, at that time the PREP provider in the Nether- lands, for facilitating the course and including of interviewees; all Emergency Physicians for participating; and the Fontys University of Applied Sciences for facilitating the conduct of the study.

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