Page 110 - Ultrasonography in Prehospital and Emergency Medicine - Rein Ketelaars
P. 110

Chapter 4
“We are working on it. Together with the radiologists.” (p.8)
On another ED where no US machine was available when requested the (resident) radiolo- gist would visit and bring the US machine. They then allowed the EP to perform the actual US examination.
ঌ Cooperation with radiologists
We noticed significant differences in the way the EPs cooperated with the radiology depart- ment. In one hospital EPs were not allowed to perform US examinations by themselves.
“That is what we agreed on with the radiologists. Whenever an US examination is warranted, we do one first and the radiologist repeats it afterwards.” (p.6)
In multiple hospitals, the radiologists preferred the EPs to perform the US examinations themselves.
“At our hospital radiologists are very satisfied with us doing the US scans on trauma victims. During night and weekend shifts for instance, they then don’t have to rush into the hospital.” (p.7)
“We have a very good relationship with the radiology department. They really do understand, but some are genuinely concerned about possible degradation of the quality of US exams. And I believe that is a legitimate concern.” (p.3)
“Besides that, there is an issue that radiology residents have to make sure they perform enough US exams of their own so they develop their skills, too.” (p.6)
In some other hospitals, the sentiment regarding EPs using US was quite different.
“Some radiologists aren’t very happy with us doing US exams. And neither are some of the other consultants. Some consultants are very comfortable with us performing the exams, and others just aren’t.” (p.6)
This phenomenon has been called land grabbing and gives rise to political debate.
“... it is just land grabbing. Is has got nothing to do with them thinking we can’t do US examina- tions. They will claim that’s the reason. But hey, US scanning is just like an intubation. Anyone can be taught how to do it.” (p.2)

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