Page 107 - Ultrasonography in Prehospital and Emergency Medicine - Rein Ketelaars
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                 Implementing ultrasound in Dutch emergency departments after a two-day training 105
“We have agreed with the radiologists we will actually, for a certain period of time, will do it really together. So, they will stand next to us and supervise. And from the moment they will say they are confident enough, they will supervise us from a distance.” (p.8)
“But ideally our knowledge and skills will be tested by a very wise person, the radiologist, and says: ‘Indeed, you can do that well enough’.’’ (p.3)
ŠŠIncentives to start using US
ঌ Motivation to sign up and experiences during the PREP course
Course participants regarded the PREP course to be very instructive and primarily a basic course to start learning US.
“You are scanning the same set of regions and the US approach to those regions is always the same. I think that is very good of PREP. It doesn’t teach everything I could possibly make an image of. It only teaches to produce a standard image on the screen. It is all for dummies.” (p.3)
Peritoneal dialysis patients are recruited to serve as models during the course. Two partici- pants explicitly appointed this to be of added value to the course.
Another basic US course covering a range of topics including e-FAST is organized by the Dutch Association of emergency physicians NVSHA. Two participants indicated to prefer this over the PREP course.
“At this moment, I would pick the NVSHA course, rather than the PREP. But it wasn’t available at that time.” (p.6)
ঌ Ultrasound use by colleagues
A motivation to start using US in general was that some colleagues were using US already. We asked the EPs thy they signed up for the PREP course.
“Why? Because one of my colleagues who participated earlier told me about it. She was very excited about the course!” (p.2)
Conversely, another was struggling stimulating colleagues to use US.
“I have to put in a lot of effort to get my colleagues on board. Some colleagues get cold feet. I sup-

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