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Academic supervisors:
• Em. Prof. M.J. (John) McAuley, PhD.MA (Econ) Chartered FCIPD, Director of Studies. Sheffield Hallam University, Business School. U.K.
• Prof. Sláva Kubátová, PhD.
Business School Netherlands / TC Business School, Prague, C.Z.
Examiners Committee:
• Marcel van der Ham (Chair), Dean, Business School Netherlands. NL. • External Examiner: Em. Prof. Henri Masson, MSc. PhD,
University of Antwerp, BE. Maastricht School of Management NL.
• Internal Examiner: Prof. Peter Prowse, MSc, PhD. Sheffield Hallam University, U.K.
• Internal Examiner: Kees Verhoeven, MSc, PhD. CEO Verhoeven Management BV. NL. Advisor:
• Tatyana Lipatova, PhD.
Kazan National Research Technology University, KNRTU, Russia.
Cover painting: “The construction of railway tracks in Magnitogorsk” 1930. (139,5 x 380 cm)
By Nikolaev, Kuzma Vasilevich (1890-1972) Cover
Cover design: Tatsiana van den Brink MSc. Author’s photograph: Bas Bolhuis
Printing: GVO Drukkers &Vormgevers, Postbus 651,6710 BR Ede.
This thesis has been realised with the financial sponsorship of ORANGE BUSINESS IMPROVEMENT and private funds.
(C) Cees A.M. den Teuling. All rights reserved. ISBN: 978-94-6332-248-5

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