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scoop on its strategic goals are requested to provide strategic guidance to the KM project.
Select a seasoned project leader with vision and experience. His/her main task is to support the team members in aligning their contributions with the organisation’s goals and to support the team’s function of KM and KT to assist in resolving differences between team members in an objective manner.
Some areas are potential failure points with limited control options for the KM process leader. Especially the influences of the top management and the demands of the (group of) end-users are critical points. Reduce optional, disruptive movements by inclusion of KM supportive executives. Try to convince (groups of) end-users to paint the advantages for their work- environment by “striking” cases.
External consultant’s task is to educate and train eligible employees to organisational skills to develop and implement and “organisation centred” KM system, not to be copied by competitor’s easily. Protect the organisation’s Intellectual Property rights by legally protective agreements with the dedicated employees involved.
The structure of KM project teams should be balanced with the input and influences of both technical (IT) and management-oriented participants. It is an important task for the project leader to protect the similarity in approach and equal influences.
Create the knowledge management architecture
Give priority attention to the integration of content centres, the collaborative platform, push delivery mechanisms, integrative repositories, knowledge aggregation, mining tools and the user interface options. Understanding of the architecture and the components of the KM system is a basic requisite.
The need for the simultaneously design of both the integrative and interactive aggregation of content is evident.
To be able to upscale the KM processes, optimisation of flexibility, scalability and performance should be addressed from the initial stage. Processing transactions, coursing short delays, are amplified to larger disruptions if the system is scaled up.

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