Page 34 - Crossing Cultural Boundaries - Cees den Teuling
P. 34

“Theory is a dirty word in some managerial quarters. That is rather curious, because all of us, managers especially, can no more get along without theories than libraries can get along withhout catalogues, - and for the same reason: theories help us to make sense of incoming information”.
Henry Mintzberg
Chapter 2. Literature review: main research terms, definition, content, and paradigms
To set the boundaries of the study, to discuss the results and to make conclusions, author’s position is articulated from the idea of Jung et al. (2009, p. 1088), according to which “There is no ideal instrument for cultural exploration. The degree to which any measure is seen as fit for purpose depends on the particular reason for which it is to be used and the context within which is to be applied”. The chosen position is instrumental as the general approach and the angle of focus to the findings, represented in this Chapter.

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