Page 261 - Crossing Cultural Boundaries - Cees den Teuling
P. 261

IMF International Monetary Fund
IMT Innovation Management Tool JETRO Ministry of External Trade of Japan KFU Kazan Federal University
KM Knowledge Management
KMS Knowledge Management System
KMT Knowledge Management Team
KT Knowledge Transfer
L-b-D Learning by Doing
LFL Laisser-faire Leadership
LP Leadership Performance
MBA Master of Business Administration
MC Management Consultancy
MNC Multi National Company
MMR Multi-Method Research
NC National Culture
NMCP Netherlands Management Cooperation Programme NRMTP Netherlands-Russian Management Training Programme OBI Orange Business Improvement
OC Organisational Culture
OECD Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development OL Organisational Learning
PACAP Potential Absorptive Capacity
PRIME Pioneering Real-time Impact Monitoring and Evaluation PSF Professional Service Firm
PUM Programma Uitzending Managers (Netherlands’ Senior
QFD Quality Function Deployment
RACAP Realised Absorptive Capacity
RBV Resource Based View
RCVS Russian Communitarian Value System
RF Russian Federation.
ROA Return on Assets.
RoKT Return on Knowledge Investment.
RPMTI Russian Presidential Managers Training Initiative

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