Page 105 - Crossing Cultural Boundaries - Cees den Teuling
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Research model
Based on the literature review and to study the mentioned propositions the following model was developed for the current research.
Figure 6: Model of the Research
 Subject to the underlying research is the process of management KT seen by the transmitter and the receiver. Specifically, the process of KT itself, the communication processes between actors and the results of the KT process assessed by the acquired and accumulated sustainable value for the organisation is analysed.
Variables that are researched in this thises as having an impact on the effectivity and success of organisations are as follows.
• National Cultures include the influence of National Culture on the Organisational Culture.
• Organisational Cultures include the influences of the style of management, the business sector, the co-workers, international connections and the environment.
• Management roles/styles include issues related to Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of Recipient and Source.
• Consultants roles/styles include issues related to communication encoding, decoding competences and source credibility.
• Organisational Learning includes shared understanding and arduous relationship.
• Absorptive Capacity includes the capacity to recognise, connect and to
implement new knowledge.
• Knowledge Transfer refers to the ability to acquire, develop, transfer and
disseminate additional knowledge in an organisation.

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