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Reconfiguring workplaces
 Table 3.2 Overview respondents
# Hierarchical role Tenure*
P01 employee high
P02 employee low
P03 employee medium
P04 employee high
P05 employee medium
P06 employee low
P07 employee low
P08 employee low
P09 employee low
P10 middle manager medium
P11 middle manager low
P12 employee high
P13 employee Low
P14 employee high
P15 employee low
P16 employee low
P17 employee medium
P18 manager high
P19 employee low
P20 employee low
P21 employee high
P22 employee low
P23 manager high
P24 middle manager high
P25 employee high
* tenure (years): low = 0-3, medium = 4-7, high = 8 and above
managers), internal staff functions (e.g., human resources). Our contacts at TechSub selected the initial 12 respondents based on our request for a diverse set that would reflect a range in tenure, opinion of change, departments, hierarchical level and involvement in the change process. We selected the other 13 respondents through referrals or approaching potential participants during field visits onsite. A brief conversation helped us to determine if they would be informative to the study based on the abovementioned criteria. By also sampling onsite, we aimed to reduce the selection bias. As Table 3.2 shows, our access reached across levels of the organization. The sample was also diverse regarding hierarchical role at the time of closure (80% employee; 12% middle manager; 8% manager), age

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