Page 75 - WHERE WE WORK - Schlegelmilch
P. 75

Moving between places
physical: zoned area for focused work. However, other zones are collaborative. social: explicit rules in focus area to enforce quietness. Norms in collaborative area conflict with worker’s intention. Implicit understanding of meaning of headphones.
physical: variety and volume of noises can be distracting. Other people present and can be crowded.
social: norms in the place (targeted at social interaction) conflict with worker’s intentions. Headphones as sign of ‘do not disturb’ may be overruled by requests to order and or by other people.
physical: generally, no other people present.
social: worker can determine if and how interruptions occur. Norms are determined by worker.
Instant sociality
physical: sharing a place with other workers.
social: people present are like-minded, have similar experiences (as nomadic workers), and may become familiar with each other over time.
physical: other people are usually present.
social: people differ widely in their experiences and intentions of being in this place (work, leisure). Familiarity is less likely.
physical and social: seldom other people in proximity.

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