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Moving between places
   Figure 2.4 Flexible tables in a coworking space
putting empty tables between the worker and other visitors. Furthermore, we observed that nomadic workers created physical barriers, for example by even using items around them as we observed in a co-working space (Figure 2.5):
"[Co-working space owners] came up with a table divider called 'the post office' ... to create more privacy so that people feel more comfortable to work next to each other. [...] most of the people here are very focused on working. [...] People tend to stay in their spot, and there is little interaction between them. Very focused work, and I am actually not even sure whether I can talk in a normal volume." (Mar 13, 2017, fn#9)
Another way of creating barriers that we observed was the use of headphones. This was especially common in caf├ęs and other places with naturally much noise present. In these places, headphones were a means

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