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 Table 1.2 Overview chapters and research output
2. Moving between places: Affordances of nomadic work
Co-written with Marleen Huysman, Svetlana N. Khapova and Evgenia I. Lysova
3. Reconfiguring workplaces: Exploring the relational implications of an office closure
Co-written with Marleen Huysman, Svetlana N. Khapova and Evgenia I. Lysova
4. Ideas in place: Introducing a transparency perspective on innovative behaviors
Co-written with Evgenia I. Lysova and Svetlana N. Khapova
Purpose and research question
Chapter 2 addresses the hyperspatial setting of digital nomads and how they create temporary workplaces through interacting with their physical environments.
Focuses on the research question: How are workplaces enacted in nomadic work?
Chapter 3 focuses on what the role of an individual worker’s arrangement of workplaces is for work relationships in semispatial settings.
Guided by the research question: How do workplace configurations shape work relationships, and how do employees cope with changes to their workplace configurations?
Chapter 4 introduces the concept of transparency that is primarily treated as context when studying sedentary work settings. Hypothesized link to innovative work behaviors under conditions of workplace flexibility:
The question is: What is the impact of perceived workplace transparency on employees’ idea sharing and idea implementation? And to what degree does workplace flexibility influence this relationship?

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