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General discussion
Table 5.3 Workplaces, features, supported work goals
Physical features
stable and fast internet
tables and chairs: level of comfort differs
community board for sharing announcements and events work areas: focus/silent area, collaboration area, meeting rooms
paid access: 24/7, daily/monthly memberships; fixed or flexible
kitchen area to store and prepare (own) food or food (extra charge)
public area (e.g., a café), Relax/outside area (e.g., table soccer)
secluded offices (additional charge)
tables and chairs: level of comfort differs food and drinks (availability full meals varies) noise: different types of noises
paid access (by ordering food/drinks) accessible within opening hours
Wi-Fi: speed/stability vary
electricity plugs
outside place
proximity of location paid access
Wi-Fi: quality differs table and chair quiet
          Co-working spaces
           Cafés, restaurants

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