Page 161 - WHERE WE WORK - Schlegelmilch
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General discussion
Workers create temporary stability of workplaces through enacting affordances rather than working in dedicated, stable places.
By aligning people’s presence, workers agree on where work takes places to enable encounters (in digital space and physical place).
By accessing information in shared open offices, workers are able to share more ideas than without accessing information.
Future research
Qualitative: How do workers cope with tensions arising from potential conflicts? What role does collective agreement on a workplace play?
Quantitative: What personality traits are related to success in hyperspatial settings? What is the link between the ability to deal with uncertainty and productivity in hyperspatial settings?
Qualitative: What role do peripheral relationships play for knowledge work? How do workers turn peripheral relationships into valuable resources for work?
Quantitative: Taking a social network analysis approach, what is effect of a change to workplace configuration on the strength of relationships at work?
Qualitative: What (other) types of workplace flexibility play a role for idea sharing and implementation?
Quantitative: Taking a social network perspective, which office designs enable the shortest path towards idea sharing and implementation?

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