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Study setting
The study was performed within a health care organization for people with ID in the Netherlands, providing care for approximately 9,500 residents. Type of care included residential care located at parks owned by the institution, community settings located within districts of villages and cities, day-care centers, and outpatients clinics. Type of care is rather diverse; it focuses on intellectual and physical disabilities and additional psychiatric problems, challenging behavior, and medical care.
In total 209 residents participated in the study. Of these, 123 (58.8%) were male and 86 (41.2%) female. The average age was 47 years, varying between 13 and 86 years with a standard deviation of 18.8 years. There were 242 support staff members participating in the study. Staff had a level of education varying from 3 (upper secondary) to 6 second stage tertiary; ISCED, 2011), and had an average of 13 years of professional experience in caring for people with a mental disability.
Present study was approved by the Ethical Review Board of \[institution blinded\]. Fifty five care units were randomly selected from a total of 566 24-hour care units. Units could be included if they provided care for at least four residents with an average of six residents, as they consecutively participated in an effect study in which results are obtained at the level of units. Data collection covered a period of three years (2014 – 2017). Due to turnover as a result of movement and death of residents the number of participants in a unit varied. Therefore, every three months units and the organization administration section gave an update on persons residing within the unit. New residents or their representatives were approached in writing with information on the study and a form to indicate informed consent and permission to participate in the study. Capacity of a resident to decide to participate in the study or not was set by consultation of
Associate factors of coercive measures

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