Page 95 - Imaging of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Hand Joints
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 High-resolution MRI of cartilage in finger joints
In conclusion, we have demonstrated that cartilage can be detected directly with good reliability using hrMRI. As compared to evaluation of inter-bone distance, which is the current standard, direct evaluation of the cartilage using hrMRI identified more joints with pathology in OA patients and less joints with pathology in healthy controls, suggesting better sensitivity and specificity.
We would like to thank Abe van der Werf, Hans Zwart and Evert Beerens (Machnet B.V.) for coil development, Gavin Houston (GE Health Care) for his help with the MRI hardware and optimising pulse sequences, Piotr Wielopolski for his help with optimising the MRI scan protocol, and Vera Kroone and Isabelle Staudacher for help with data management and manual cartilage measurements.

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