Page 58 - Imaging of Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis in Hand Joints
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                                Chapter 3
 Fig. 2 Example of a patient in which both readers scored non-OA of the CMC1 joint with CR, but OA with CT. A-B: The CMC1 joint space show some subluxation, beginning osteophytes, but no JSN, so according to definition no OA. C-D: On the CT the subluxation is more prominent, and the focal joint space narrowing (circles) in the CMC1 joint is visible on the coronal (C) and saggital (D) images.
Our data show that CT has a good inter-reader reliability in determining thumb base OA, and that CT detects more CMC1 and STT OA in patients with clinically suspected OA than radiography.
The inter-reader reliability of CT was high for CMC1 OA, STT OA and the Eaton stage. Reliability of radiography was, however, moderate. As the three- dimensional surfaces of the joint can be visualized more detailed with CT and its multi-planar reconstructions, it was expected that the reliability of CT would be higher than that of radiography.

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