Page 170 - Synthesis of Functional Nanoparticles Using an Atmospheric Pressure Microplasma Process - LiangLiang Lin
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luminescence spectrometer. Jos Laven (Materials and Interface Chemistry), appreciate for your training on DLS analysis, although I still have not get good results. Reinoud Lavrijsen (Applied Physics) and Saif A Khan (National University of Singapore), thanks for your help in my project as well as paper improvment. I really enjoy our collaboration and hope it can continue in future.
It is my great privilege to be a member in the SCR group, and I would like to thank all the awesome colleagues for the friendly and open environment. Rohit Chaudhary, you are a very nice and helpful office-mate as well as lab-mate. I will remember all the fruitful discussions, funny chats and uncountable coffee breaks. I feel so lucky to be your motivation for installing WeChat and being the only friend in your list. I am sure our friendship will last forever. XinTong, it is a great pleasure to be your lab-mate. You are so helpful and kind and always filled with positive energy. I wish you a great success in your PhD. Radka, as the older sister and lab supervisor in STW 1.13, thank you very much for take us under your wings in the last two years. Can Jin, Chen Yue, Siui, Xiaojing, WeiZhang, Feng Hong, Rui Wang, Bao Li, I will also remember our gatherings and happy time in weekends and Chinese festivals. I wish you all successful careers and very happy life. I would also like to express my gratitude to many other friends in SCR gruop: Catherine Anastasopoulou, Carlos Ortega, Shamayita Kanungo, Su Yuanhai, Shang Mingjing, Laximi Prasad, Bhaskar Patil, Natan Straathof, Cao Yiran, Elnaz Shahbazali, Marc Escriba Gelonch, Smitha Sundaram and Olivia Morales Gonzalez, thank you all to make SCR a warm family.
Finally, I owe a special debt of gratitude to my family for the wholehearted love and unreserved support during the past years, which will surely be forever. I am so lucky to have such a nice family.
Liang June 7, 2018

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