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                                Chapter 4
 Likert scale. That is, educators and pre-service teachers both acknowledge the cited purposes of pre-service teacher research.
Table 4.3 Responses to “What do you think about pre-service teacher research?” (Means in six-point Likert scale, 1 = “I fully disagree” to 6 = “I fully agree”).
  Pre-service teacher research
     Teacher educators
  Pre-service teachers
   AU N=5
   NL N=12
   AU N=16
   NL N=12
 .. helps students acquire systematic insight into practical problems
.. is a good way to increase their level of professionalism .. is a good way to improve pedagogical skills
.. is a good way for students to demonstrate that they have acquired bachelor/master level skills
.. increases the student’s inquiry habit of mind
Conducting research is a compulsory component of the degree programme but I do not understand how it is useful for a teacher*
Note: * = reversed scored
5.2 Perceived learning outcomes
Perceived learning outcomes in focus group
5.0 5.2 SD=0.8 SD=0.8
4.5 5.0 SD=1.3 SD=0.7
5.0 5.3 SD=1.2 SD=0.7
4.4 4.8 SD=0.9 SD=0.7
5.0 4.3 SD=1.0 SD=1.1
4.2 5.3 SD=0.8 SD=0.9
5.3 5.0 SD=0.7 SD=0.6
5.2 4.8 SD=0.8 SD=0.6
5.2 4.8 SD=0.8 SD=0.9
4.3 4.5 SD=1.2 SD=1.0
4.9 4.6 SD=0.7 SD=0.9
5.0 4.6 SD=1.1 SD=1.3
 In the focus groups, both Dutch and Australian pre-service teachers clearly identified a range of learning outcomes gained from conducting research. The Dutch pre-service teachers mainly mentioned aspects that have to do with conducting research, such as writing a proposal and using a research cycle. Both Australian and Dutch pre-service teachers emphasized how much and what they have learned regarding an inquiry habit of mind, as illustrated in the following excerpt from a focus group with pre- service teachers from AU1, in which Zoe and Lilly describe looking more critically at practice and the drive to improve their own practice:
Zoe: “I just know that, when I go into a classroom, I can’t stop my mind thinking. I think all the time things like: why is she doing that, I would have done it like this, I wonder if this is a different approach. I feel, after I have done this [research] course, I can’t go into a classroom without trying to improve things.”
Lily acclaims: “Yes!”
Interviewer: “Because of this research course?”

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