Page 79 - Empowering pre-service teachers through inquiry - Lidewij van Katwijk
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                                CHAPTER 4
Purpose and value of pre-service teacher inquiry; an international comparison
The previous chapter showed positive perceptions toward pre-service teacher inquiry by both pre-service teachers and teacher educators in the Netherlands. To gain a deeper understanding of the purpose and value as well the perceived learning outcomes of pre-service teacher inquiry, Chapter 4 places the previous findings in an international context by comparing Dutch perceptions with those of pre-service teachers and teacher educators in Melbourne, Australia. This study focuses once more on the implemented and attained curriculum. In Australia, where all teacher education is provided by research universities, pre-service teacher research is the common term for the capstone project in which inquiry takes place.
This chapter is based on: Van Katwijk, L., Berry, A., Jansen, E., & Van Veen, K. (2019). “It’s important, but I’m not going to keep doing it!”: Perceived purposes, learning outcomes, and value of pre- service teacher research among educators and pre-service teachers. Teaching and Teacher Education, 87, 102868.

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