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                                Chapter 3
 provide a very positive score (M > 5). Similarly, 93% of teacher educators show a positive score (M > 3.5), and 32% are very positive (M > 5). Both groups agree that pre-service teacher inquiry is interesting, enriching, and a good way to professionalize.
The Future scale shows lower mean values (3.7 for pre-service teachers, 3.6 for teacher educators); 55% of pre-service teachers indicate intentions to use inquiry competencies in their future profession. From the teacher educators, 45% expect that pre-service teachers will use their inquiry competences in a future job. Compared to the percentages on the scale Value, these are very low. Qualitative data are needed to explain this difference.
Table 3.4 Descriptive statistics for Value and Future scales
    M (SD)
  Very positive **
    M (SD)
    Very positive **
Value Future
4.5 (.80) 3.7 (.92)
85% 22% 55% 6%
Value 4.7 (.64) 93% 32%
Future 3.6 (.68) 45% 1%
 Note: Results based on items with 6-point scales (1 = “I fully disagree”– 6 = “I fully agree”). * M > 3.5; ** M > 5.
We sought confirmation and explanation of these survey results from focus group members. To gain insight into the perceived purpose and value of pre-service teacher inquiry, we asked, “Why do you think pre-service teacher inquiry is part of the teacher education program?“ The answers from both pre-service teachers and teacher educators are consistent with the findings of the survey: All participants rate pre- service teacher inquiry as important. They went further to detail their thoughts about its purposes, citing inquiry habit of mind or characteristics linked to inquiry habit of mind as critical:
Why? To develop the inquiry habit of mind; everything is evolving; schools and children learn, and keep changing, also society, now again with those 21st century skills...I think you should always adapt to what the children need and therefore you have to think about what you should adjust. (PST_E4)
We coded this response as applying to an inquiry habit of mind, wanting to innovate, and being critical/reflective. Similarly, the response
I hope we educate teachers who are (1) open to anything and everything— children, the group ... (2) looking for improvement and innovation of education and looking for solutions where there are problems, but also looking at what is going on with the children, and (3) I would like to deliver teachers with a reflective

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