Page 23 - Empowering pre-service teachers through inquiry - Lidewij van Katwijk
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                                General introduction
  the role of pre-service teacher inquiry by mapping the perceptions of pre-service 1 teachers and teacher educators in two country contexts. We examined pre-service
teacher research and inquiry in the Australian programme descriptions, attended
and cooperated in workshops about research, asked pre-service teachers and teacher
educators to complete the questionnaire about perceptions of pre-service teacher research, held interviews and organised focus groups. We compared these data with similar data from the Netherlands.
Chapter 5 presents our final study, in which we related perceptions of pre-service teacher inquiry to the quality of the final inquiry projects and the pre-service teaching quality. To do so, we offered the questionnaire about perceptions of pre-service teacher inquiry to all graduating pre-service teachers of one university of applied sciences for four years. We observed 80 pre-service teachers with the International Comparative Analysis of learning and Teaching (ICALT) instrument to determine the teaching quality and compared these findings with the assessment scores regarding teaching. We examined the relationship between the scores on the inquiry project and the assessment scores of teaching and determined four profiles with a cluster analysis.
The final chapter (Chapter 6) contains the main findings, general conclusions and a critical discussion of this dissertation, with attention to the scientific contribution, limitations and directions for future research. A discussion of implications for practice regarding pre-service research and inquiry, and development of an inquiry stance conclude this thesis.

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