Page 183 - Second language development of newly arrived migrant kindergarteners - Frederike Groothoff
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The influence of the school learning environment 183 Based on this General Development Model we constructed Figure 8.6, in which both the average development of SS as well as the differences within and between individuals are represented (see Table 6.6 in Appendix 6 for the parameter estimates). The average SS score at an age of 73 months was estimated as 7.39. Each month a child grew older, his SS score increased by 0.19, but the quadratic function of Age decreased the SS score by 0.002 (since this is a small effect it is not visible in Figure 8.6).   11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 Growth SS Within 80% - Within 80% + Between 80% - Between 80% +                Age in Months Figure 8.6: Graphical Representation of the General Development Model Story Structure (114 cases) with 80% Reliability. Figure 8.6 shows that the effect of Age on SS is significant. This was a quadratic relation: the increase in SS development is larger for younger pupils. The differences within individuals (represented by the striped lines in Figure 8.6) also depend on Age; we can give a more precise estimate of the SS development for older pupils as compared to younger pupils. The difference between individuals (represented by the dotted lines in Figure 8.6) is not a function of Age; differences between older pupils are similar to that of younger pupils. The analysis was continued with the new General Development Model, SSDEF. The two significant variables of CLASS namely, Positive Climate and Regard for Student Perspectives were added to this new General Development Model. Likelihood ratio tests did not show that main effects of Positive Climate or Regard for Student Perspectives contributed significantly to the fit of the model to the observed data, nor that there was an interaction between Age and Positive Climate or Regard for Student Perspectives for SS. This means that we could not show that the fact that teachers at Mainstream schools were more likely to provide a higher Positive Climate and take into account student perspectives 51 55 59 63 67 71 75 79 83 87 91 95 99 103 Story Structure Score (max. 17) 

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