Page 16 - Second language development of newly arrived migrant kindergarteners - Frederike Groothoff
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xvi Kindergartener: A pupil attending kindergarten. L1: Languages acquired in the family context. In this thesis L1 and home language are used interchangeably. Lexical diversity: The range of words used in oral or written language. This is measured in the context of this thesis by calculating the Number of Different Words and the Guiraud Index Score. Linguistic Competence: Linguistic competence is part of communicative competence and focusses on the skills and knowledge required to accurately express and understand the literal meaning of utterances. It includes features and grammatical rules of the language. Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives: An assessment tool to measure narrative ability, developed by Gagarina et al. (2012). Mainstream school: A primary school in the Netherlands without specific classes for second language learners. Measure of Lexical Richness: This measurement takes into account the frequency bands of the words used. A story has a high richness if many low-frequent words are used. Narrative ability: The ability to tell a cohesive and coherent story. In the context of this thesis, we measured narrative ability by using the Multilingual Assessment Instrument for Narratives. Narrative macrostructure: When a narrative is analyzed on the macrostructural level the so called “story grammar” is analyzed. Story grammar includes information about the setting of a story, the goal, the attempt and the outcomes of episodes and reactions to the events. In the context of this thesis we analyzed the story structure, the story complexity, and the use of internal state terms in the stories. Narrative microstructure: Narrative microstructure concerns the use of lexical items. Narrative microstructure can be analyzed on the word or sentence level. In the context of this thesis we analyzed the lexical diversity and the lexical richness of the words used for the story. Number of Different Words: A lexical diversity measure: NDW includes all the different words (types) of a story, thus the total number of words minus the repetitions and derivations of the same root. Productive vocabulary: This is the ability to use a word by saying it or writing it down. Peabody Picture Vocabulary Task: A task to measure receptive vocabulary. Developed by Dunn and Dunn (2005) 

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